吹塑成型PFA Teflon 451HP 451HP X
  • 品牌:451HP
  • 货号:200
  • 价格: ¥450/千克
  • 发布日期: 2022-09-28
  • 更新日期: 2024-05-27
品牌 451HP
货号 200
用途 配件
牌号 451HP
型号 451HP
品名 氟塑料
外形尺寸 100
生产企业 PFA 440HPB

吹塑成型PFA Teflon 451HP 451HP X 

 Products labeled PFA 451HP and PFA 451HP X are equivalent and all information in this document is applicable to both.

Typical Application
Teflon ® PFA 451HP is preferred in applications where purity in the parts-per-billion range, surface smoothness, and the highest levels of chemical permeation resistance are required; including tubing, unsupported pipe linings for the production of ultra-pure chemicals, semiconductor components, and fluid handling components for high-performance chemical delivery systems where stress-crack resistance is critical.

DuPont™ Teflon ® PFA 451HP is a special purpose fluoroplastic resin available in pellet form. This resin is a chemically modified form of Teflon ® PFA 350 that combines many of the advantages of the parent resin with several additional benefits. Teflon ® PFA 451HP exhibits improved surface smoothness achieved through minimization of spherulite size, enhanced chemical permeation resistance achieved by increasing its crystallinity from Teflon ® PFA 450HP, enhanced purity, and improved thermal stability while processing.

Teflon ® PFA 451HP is a relatively low melt flow rate (typical MFR of 2), premium resin with the lowest level of extractables designed to meet ultra-high purity requirements. An enhanced resistance to environmental stress-cracking and chemical permeation make Teflon ® PFA 451HP a preferred resin when extended service is required in hostile environments involving chemical, thermal, and mechanical stress. Additionally, the enhanced purity of Teflon ® PFA 451HP makes it suitable for applications that require improved color, lower extractable fluorides, and freedom from other foreign materials. This product contains no additives and is designed for hostile chemical environments where purity in the parts-per-billion range is needed. Examples are in semiconductor manufacture, fluid handling systems for industry or life sciences, and instrumentation for precise measurements of fluid systems. Compared to other thermoplastics, the high melt strength and thermal stability of Teflon ® PFA 451HP can be used to improve processing rates, combining the processing ease of conventional thermoplastics with many properties similar to those of polytetrafluoroethylene.

Properly processed products made from neat Teflon ® PFA 451HP resin provide the superior properties characteristic of fluoroplastic resins: chemical inertness, exceptional dielectric properties, heat resistance, toughness and flexibility, low coefficient of friction, non-stick characteristics, negligible moisture absorption, low flammability, performance at temperature extremes, and excellent weather resistance.

In a flame situation, products of Teflon ® PFA 451HP resist ignition and do not promote flame spread. When ignited by flame from other sources, their contribution of heat is very small and added at a slow rate with very little smoke.