Perfluoroalkoxy PFA 345
  • 品牌:345
  • 货号:200
  • 价格: ¥450/千克
  • 发布日期: 2022-09-28
  • 更新日期: 2024-05-27
品牌 345
货号 200
用途 配件
牌号 345
型号 345
品名 氟塑料
外形尺寸 100
生产企业 345

Perfluoroalkoxy PFA 345 

Teflon® PFA 345

DuPont Fluoropolymers
For inventory control purposes product name may be followed by an X.
Products labeled PFA 345 and PFA 345 X are equivalent and all information in this document is applicable to both.
Typical Application
Applications for DuPont™ Teflon ® PFA 345 include extruded tubing, wire and cable insulation, injection molded parts, and chemically resistant linings for bellows, valves, fittings, pipes, pumps, and other fluid-handling components.
DuPont™ Teflon ® PFA 345 is a medium melt flow rate fluoroplastic resin available in pellet form. Compared with Teflon ® PFA 340, it offers increased flex life and greater resistance to environmental stress-cracking (Teflon ® PFA 345 offers a typical MIT folding endurance of 50,000* compared to 15,000 in Teflon ® PFA 340). Table 1 shows the typical property data for Teflon ® PFA 345.
Teflon ® PFA 345 is used when traditional extrusion and molding processes are required for producing products with the superior properties of a fluoroplastic resin. Compared to other thermoplastics, the high melt strength and thermal stability of Teflon ® PFA 345 can be used to improve processing rates. Compared with other fluoroplastics, creep resistance at high service temperatures provides a superior balance and level of end-use properties. Teflon ® PFA 345 combines the processing ease of conventional thermoplastics with many properties similar to those of polytetrafluoroethylene.
Properly processed products made from neat Teflon® PFA 345 resin provide the superior properties characteristic of fluoroplastic resins: chemical inertness, exceptional dielectric properties, heat resistance, toughness and flexibility, low coefficient of friction, non-stick characteristics, negligible moisture absorption, low flammability, performance at temperature extremes, and excellent weather resistance.
In a flame situation, products of Teflon ® PFA 345 resist ignition and do not promote flame spread. When ignited by flame from other sources, their contribution of heat is very small and added at a slow rate with very little smoke.
Teflon ® PFA 345 meets the requirements of ASTM D3307, Type III
  • 低摩擦系数
  • 低吸湿性
  • 低烟度
  • 高 ESCR(抗应力开裂)
  • 良好的电气性能
  • 良好的抗蠕变性
  • 良好的熔体强度
  • 良好的柔韧性
  • 流动性中等
  • 耐化学性良好
  • 耐气候影响性能良好
  • 耐热性,中等
  • 热稳定性,良好
  • 韧性良好
  • 泵件
  • 衬里
  • 电线电缆应用
  • 阀门/阀门部件
  • 管件
  • 配件
  • 粒子
  • 挤出
  • 树脂传递成型
  • 压缩模塑
  • 注射成型
物理性能 额定值 单位制 测试方法
比重 2.14 g/cm3 ASTM D792
熔流率(熔体流动速率) (372°C/5.0 kg) 5.0 g/10 min ASTM D3307, ISO 12086
吸水率 (24 hr) < 0.030 % ASTM D570
硬度 额定值 单位制 测试方法
肖氏硬度 (邵氏 D) 55 ASTM D2240, ISO 868
机械性能 额定值 单位制 测试方法
抗张强度 (23°C) 29.0 MPa ASTM D3307, ISO 12086
伸长率 (断裂, 23°C) 300 % ASTM D3307, ISO 12086
弯曲模量 (23°C) 551 MPa ASTM D790, ISO 178
热性能 额定值 单位制 测试方法
熔融温度 305 °C ASTM D4591
电气性能 额定值 单位制 测试方法
体积电阻率 1.0E+18 ohms·cm ASTM D257, ISO 1325
    0.250 mm 1 80 kV/mm ASTM D149
    0.250 mm 80 kV/mm IEC 60243-1
介电常数 (1 MHz) 2.03 ASTM D150, IEC 60250
耗散因数 (1 MHz) < 2.0E-4 ASTM D150, IEC 60250
可燃性 额定值 单位制 测试方法
UL 阻燃等级 2 V-0 UL 94
极限氧指数 > 95 % ASTM D2863, ISO 4589-2
补充信息 额定值 单位制 测试方法
Critical Shear Rate (372°C) 21.0 sec^-1
MIT Folding Endurance 3(200.0 μm) 5.0E+4 Cycles ASTM D2176